Listen to Ilu Axé

This selection of studio and live recordings are named after several of the deities of Afro-Brazilian Candomblé, known as Orixas. Using traditional Candomblé chants and original songs and arrangements, the pieces are a tribute to and an acknowledgement of Brazil’s African heritage.


Nana represents the mixture of earth and water, she is the primordial mix, Mother Earth.
Oxum is fresh water, sweetness, sensuality and all that glistens and shines gold.
Obaluaiyé is the heat of the Earth, he is the master of preventative cures.
Oya represents change, she is a warrior figure blowing away the old and bringing in the new.
Xango is the archetypal alpha male, a warrior and the guardian of fire.
Yemanja is the ocean, the nurturer, the mother of fishes and of all newborns.
Ossain is the forest dwelling master of herbs and plant remedies.
Oxala is wisdom, the sage, the bringer of peace and light.


Oxum Prelude




Yemanja and Ossain

’Ilu Axé Live’ – Xango with full intro

‘Ilu Axé Live’ – Oxossi Funk Axé

‘Ilu Axé Live’ – Oxala Guiro

‘Ilu Axé Live’ – Yemanja